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Glutax 1800000GS Pico Cell Absorption (4 Boxes)

Glutax 1800000GS Pico Cell Absorption (4 Boxes)

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1 box for 4 sessions

Breaking the Double Nucleic Acid Gene Whitening Method.

Double Nucleic Acid is a “safer” and “more efficient” whitening method than a single nucleic acid, completing the isolation of melanin production and improving the gene to achieve skin whitening.


Makes skin healthy, smoother and white
Boost energy
Reduces pigmentation and freckles
Makes skin fair and firm
Reduces age spot
Improve brightness & radiance of the skin
Improves skin tone imbalance
Promotes skin firmness and elasticity

Net Content:

1 box include 4 sessions
(1 set = 2 vials + 3 ampoules)

Recommended Usage:

IV Drip, 1 set per week for first two months, then reduce to 1 set every two weeks for maintenance

Note: Glutax 1800000GS Pico Cell Absorption can be mixed with Laroscorbine Gold Palladium EUF-PN for a maximum skin whitening effects.


multiviminico miRNA 15000mg
miRNA collagen Naturale 8000mg
selenio miRNA 3300mg
miRNA white element 2500mg
E-UF vitamin c 18.0gm
E-UF collagen 18.0gm
miRNA Recombined stemcell 775mg (Grape Stem Cell, Apple Stem Cell, Argan Fruit Stem Cell, Rose Placenta Extract)
miRNA Oxygenox Q10 920mg
miRNA Glutokines 1800000g
miRNA Alpha Lipoic acid 2300mg
epidermal miRNA growth factor 5000mg
miRNA acido cogico 2400mg

Not Suitable For:

Pregnant women
Breast feeder
Women having periods
Allergy to vitamin (any kind)
Patient with cardiovascular problem

Product Origin: Italy

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