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Glutax 8800000GS Supreme Pico Cell Absoption (4 Boxes)

Glutax 8800000GS Supreme Pico Cell Absoption (4 Boxes)

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1 box for 4 sessions

GLUTAX 8800000GS therapy that light up the skin and whitening achieved by 2 actions. Deep penetration of the ingredients essence into the cells enable breaking down of the melanin. Vitamin C inhibit the formation of melanin and also to cleanse the skin from over-secreted sebum.


Skin whitening and brightening
Lightening dark spots
Anti aging
Reduce acne/ pimples
Minimize pores
Healing of scar
Stimulate Collagen


10 ml × 4 ampoules
– Supreme Pico Naturale Collagen Tetrapeptide 20000mg
– Supreme Pico Minerals Multivitamins 48000mg

10 ml × 4 ampoules
– Supreme Pico DNA White Elements 15000mg
– Supreme Pico Marine-D3 5000mg

2 ml × 4 ampoules
– Supreme Pico Life Cell 500mg
– Supreme Pico Vitamin D & E 250mg

4 small vials
– Supreme Pico Multi Plant Peptide 33500mg
– Supreme Pico Plant Stem Cell 1000mg

4 large vials

– Supreme Pico Glutathione S-transferases 8800000g
– Supreme Pico Marine Phytoplankton 88000mg


4 Sets per box (3 amps and 2 vials)

Recommended Dosage :

To be administered twice a week by intramuscular (I.M.) or intravenously (IV). Then can reduce the dosage to 1 injection every 2 weeks for maintenance.

Not Suitable For:

– Pregnant
– Breast feeder/ Nursing women
– Injection on women period
– Allergy to vitamin (any kind)
– Patient with cardiovascular problem

Origin: Italy

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