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Pharmaton Capsule Multivitamin & Minerals + Ginseng 100s | Enhance Physical Performance

Pharmaton Capsule Multivitamin & Minerals + Ginseng 100s | Enhance Physical Performance

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Product Description

Pharmaton capsules contain a balanced combination of G115 concentrated Ginseng Extract,  Multi-vitamins and Minerals to enhance mental and physical performance. 

Why should I choose Pharmaton capsules?

Relief of daily fatigue and tiredness associated with a busy, hectic lifestyle.
Prevent and treat symptoms caused by ill balanced or deficient nutrition.

Target group:

Suitable for adult men and women

For children, you can go for Pharmaton Kiddi Syrup!


How to use:


Take 1 capsule each day
It is recommended to take the capsule in the morning with food
Swallow the capsule whole with water
*Do not exceed the stated dose. Pharmaton capsules contain Vitamin A. Do not take this product if you are pregnant likely to become pregnant or if you are breast feeding. 


Active ingredient per capsule

Active ingredient    Amount
extr G115     40 mg
vit A     2,667 IU
vit D3     200 IU
vit E     10 mg
vit B1     1.4 mg
vit B2     1.6 mg
vit B6     2 mg
vit B12     1 mcg
biotin    150 mcg
nicotinamide     18 mg
vit C     60 mg
folic acid     0.1 mg
copper     2 mg
selenium     50 mcg
manganese     2.5 mg
Mg     10 mg
Fe     10 mg
Zn     1 mg
Ca     100 mg
lecithin     100 mg


How long to take Pharmaton Capsules for

Start by taking Pharmaton Capsules for 4 weeks.
If, after 4 weeks treatment, you are starting to feel better, you may continue to take Pharmaton Capsules for up to 12 weeks.
The usual course of treatment is 8 to 12 weeks. After 12 weeks, talk to a doctor if you would like to continue taking Pharmaton Capsules. The doctor may wish to investigate your symptoms further.

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